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Whether it's Fifth Avenue, the Kurfürstendamm, London Heathrow or La Guardia NY: as of right now, your hand luggage is mobile! Experience the world from an entirely new and dynamic perspective. Whether it's a short trip, a business trip or your yearly vacation - Tri-Motion makes sure you feel at home everywhere you go.

A Compact Companion with a Mobility Guarantee

Whatever you want to shop for, Tri-Motion is your practical companion. It's small and compact whenever you don't need it, but with just a few hand movements it's really big whenever you do. Plus it always looks good.
Tri-Motion qualifies as hand luggage and fits into the trunk of any automobile - even convertibles. And if you suddenly feel athletic during your travels, multifunctional Tri-Motion is always there to make sure you stay fit. It's a genuine all-rounder.


For Traveling